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Welcome to , This site aims to provide both the history of Reliant and its vehicles along with a number of items from Elvis Payne’s Reliant Archive. The Archive has been built up over the last 20 years and now contains well over 1,000 items including photos, plans, brochures, factory documents, and early handbooks.  It also includes a few more unusual items like Reliant Founder Tom Williams’ personal set of wood chisels and the original bronze Reliant sign from the old Reliant building.

Reliant History

History of Reliant

80th Anniversary of Reliant 1935 - 2015

Model histories

Brief History of Reliant

Click to select the history of a specific Reliant.

Reliant Brochures Catalog

Number of brochures currently listed: 244

Our aim is to build up a complete catalog of every Reliant brochure produced from 1935 onwards.  Elvis Payne’s collection of 160+ Reliant Brochures forms the basis of this catalog though can you provide scans of brochures that are missing? We are especially keen to fill the missing gaps for any brochures produces in the late 1930s and 1940s.

Reliant Brochure Catalog

A special thank you to Leslie Gobbett for donating 20 brochures to this collection

Reliant Media

Old Reliant Photographs

Old Photographs

1967 Reliant Film

1967 Reliant Film

Reliant Factory

1993 Tour of Reliant

1993 Tour of Reliant

Aerial views of Reliant

Aerial views of Reliant

Reliant Articles

80th Anniversary of Reliant

Reliant 80th Anniversary 1935 - 2015

Reliant Robin - Plastic Pig

Why do we call the Robin a Plastic Pig?

Robin Reliant - The car that does not exist

Robin Reliant - the car that doesn’t exist?

Reliant Three Wheelers

Book Review

Reliant Three-Wheelers - The Complete Story

Contact Us

For general inquiries please send an email to

This site contains only a fraction of the images in the Reliant Archives, if you are from the media and require a certain image please contact Elvis Payne at who will try to help.

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New Book Coming Soon

The Reliant Motor Company

The Reliant Motor Company

by Elvis Payne with foreward by HRH The Princess Royal

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